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Book Reviews: A Peace to End All Peace; The Gamble.

I thoroughly enjoyed A Peace to End All Peace, and highly recommend it to someone that wants to read a comprehensive history of the Middle East from 1912-1922.  I enjoyed the fact that even though this is an academic history book, that it reads like a good story.  The author does a pretty good job of telling the reader about the personalities and motivations behind the actions of the major players in the Middle East.  The thing that I found difficult about this book was its complexity at times.  I think that this is less a function of the writer, and more a function of the actual complexity of what was going on in this region.  The title of this book is telling, since the competing domestic and foreign politics, and realities of enforcing the peace settlements in the Middle East set the stage for the turmoil and persistent conflict in the region.  I would recommend this book to anybody who wants to know the truth about the origins of the modern Middle East and go beyond the mantra that, “It’s all Great Britain’s fault…..”

MAJ Wayne Wilson, USAF



The Gamble is an easy read, well written, and hard to put down once you start it. The author- Mr. Ricks has done an excellent job of exhaustively researching his facts, interviewing key players, presenting the material in a clear and concise manner, and providing a stark contrast to the current state of the affairs in Iraq vice the state of affairs in Iraq in 2006. His previous book- The Fiasco provides the author with the capacity to discern the true nature of the current situation. Readers clearly understand that Mr. Ricks would not hesitate to criticize military leaders if criticism was appropriate.  The Gamble is a must read for all field grade officers and provides unique insight into the development and practical application of revised counterinsurgency doctrine.  This book should be immediately incorporated into history classes at the Command and General Staff College ASAP.


MAJ Gary Holben, USAR

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