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H100 –Viva la Revolucion!

poster_cheguevara_bigAuthors Knox and Murray, in the textbook, The Dynamics of Military Revolution, analyze the major historical changes in the nature of warfare in the modern period.  They call these Military Revolutions (MR).  A subset of those revolutions are smaller specific changes in the methods of warfare, they consider these smaller scale more focused changes Revolutions in Military Affairs (RMA).  The major military debate coming in the next years is how to structure the American military for the 21st Century.  In that debate it is important to determine if warfare currently is in the midst or has undergone an MR based on emerging and existing digital information technologies.    Do you think the US Army leadership believes that an MR has occurred or is occurring?  What is the evidence of that?  Regardless of what you believe the US Army leadership thinks regarding MRs, what is your opinion?  


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  1. The U.S. Military believes that it is currently in the midst of a (MR) military revolution due to the digital age and technological improvements. This mainstream bandwagon can be seen with drone, cyber, space and the new negative context of “boots on ground.” Even though all of these individual areas are extremely powerful they are simply RMA’s due to the lack of current abilities to nest them with political strategy and doctrine for implementation. So what that you have a cool capability. The way you use that capability is not even all that important as answering the question; does that capability achieve my desired results? RMAs throughout history have all seen this same issue, for example in the 1500s Max Weber of the Dutch Army was quoted “gunpowder and all the war techniques associated with it became significant only with the existence of discipline” (Rothenberg, Gunther E., Makers of Modern Strategy, pg 35). Currently the U.S. Army is getting these new means of warfare which have endless opportunities for development, however these means have not yet shown their complete effectiveness in winning our countries wars alone. Instead of allowing social pressures to force us into only using these new means, I believe it is our responsibility to utilize solid reasoning with media messaging as well as practical application examples to educate people that it takes a mixture of boots on ground as well as the development of technology to achieve desired military results. This combination of RMAs with practical application will then provide military results and achieve social acceptance, which creates the movement toward a MR.

    Comment by Scott M. Gum | September 16, 2014

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