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“Its the Economy Stupid Comrade!”

Maoist revolutionalry war theory puts the priority of effort on the political line of operations. Our experience with our own domestic politics indicates that the key to successful politics is the economy. Therefore… maybe:

COIN = Politics

Politics = Economy

.’. COIN = Economy

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  1. I believe that, based on Clausewitz’s trinity, successful COIN will be heavily involved in economic success but is not the stand alone solution. While successful insurgencies are focused on politics, which is easily susceptible to economic factors, insurgencies also require public support and this can be influenced and inspired by both violence and economic distress/prosperity. As such, successful COIN must solve both violence (security) and economic issues.

    Economic failure can inspire the people to action against the current government but so can government inability to stop violence. If we build flood an impoverished urban area with money and building projects it will do little to correct rampant crime or draw new residents/workers to the area without significant policing and civic action to protect the public.

    Further, drawing from the previous blog and MILF, one can see that economics may also benefit an insurgency. The 40+ year struggle with MILF was not just a humanitarian crisis for the Philippines, it was an economic drain on the economy as well as huge revenue loss as the legitimate government could not access or benefit from natural resources in the Mindanao region. The recent peace accord and lead-up negotiations indicate the importance of revenue with MILF negotiating peace partially based on what percentage of natural resource and industry revenue the Philippines would receive if Southern Mindanao was ceded to MILF as an autonomous area. (

    Comment by LCDR Matthew Krull | March 27, 2014

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