The Leavenworth Way of War

History Discussion at CGSC

Adaptability versus Developing Doctrine and Technology

The US, at the beginning of WWII, was behind on tactics (doctrine) and technology in two fronts. In naval matters it lacked Japan’s ability to mass carrier air power through unified carrier and naval air operations. It was also behind on technology by way of aircraft range and maneuverability. In Europe we were likewise behind on tank technology, tactics, and the joint war-fighting concept. Nonetheless, we won in both fronts. If our ability to adapt, learn, and innovate are the key differential how does this apply to us now in another interwar period? Should we be focusing on maintaining a costly technological edge? Is doctrine what we should be concerned with or is it more valuable to invest in our strengths…the ability to innovate, flexibility and adaptability?

Provided by MAJ Joshua “Blue” Kubacz, USAF, Section 11 C


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