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“It’s the Economy Stupid”

Maoist revolutionalry war theory puts the priority of effort on the political line of operations. Our experience with our own domestic politics indicates that the key to successful politics is the economy. Therefore… maybe:

COIN = Politics

Politics = Economy


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  1. There is some solid basis for this thought. However, when one looks at the economy, one must consider how the wealth of a nation is, dare I say, distributed. I believe a nation with a strong economy, and a substanial ‘middle class’ is going to be more stable (i.e. less likely to require COIN). As the middle class begins to appreciate their standard of living they will fight either politically or actually in order to keep what they have earned. Fundamental to this assumption is that the people have to “own” both the economy and politics of their nation in order to actually make a stable environment. In other words, in an area like Iraq, it takes more than “jump starting” the domestic economy with extensive external investment. Give a man a fish versus a fishing pole… The formula as written maybe accurate when applied to an established capatialist nation, but probably less applicable elsewhere. One of the main reason that Maoist theory stress the political line of operation is because, it could not compete on the military LOO. In some ways, necessity, more than desire pushed Mao to act the way that he did in China.

    Comment by Marcus Hay | January 26, 2012

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