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Tanks for the mechanized memories

The title of H202 is “Interwar Mechanization.”  BUT, mechanization was a very uneven and in most countries incomplete process.  Was mechanization even the most important ground warfare innovation?    Would mechanization have mattered if it was married to flawed doctrine?  How do you account for the fact that the French and British developed more technically capable tanks but are generally considered to have “flubbed” the mechanization of their armies?  Who “mechanized” best?  Was it more important to “mechanize” and create great combined arms panzer divisions but have most of your army rely on horse drawn transport; or more important, as the Americans did, to fully motorized all your artillery and logistics and lag behind in creating armor formations?  How do you rate the importance of the radio and motorization as innovations compared to the idea of creating tank formations through “mechanization?”

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Driving Transformation

A variety of factors influence transformation. Usually, however, one factor is the initiator. For example and obvious dangerous threat which has defeated a country in the past could be the factor which initiates the transformation process. Once that initiator is successful in “kick-starting” the transformation process the remaining factors interact with each other dynamically to eventually achieve the end result product of transformation. Which of the factors was the most important for starting the transformation process during the interwar years? In some countries and military services transformation did not occur, or failed to transform into a successful form. In the interwar years what factor was the most important to preventing successful transformation? The dynamics that effected transformation in the interwar years continue to effect transformation today. Which is the most important factor effecting transformation in the U.S. military today?

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