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An Islamic Way of War –the discussion continues

One of the students in CGSC published an interesting and thought provoking article in the Small War Journal regarding the readings and discussion on an Islamic way of war which we addressed in H307.  A snipett and the link to MAJ Khan’s article is below.  The article is well worth reading and may be a part of next year’s lesson reading assignment.  The discussion that follows on the SMJ blog is equally illuminating and can be found at this link.

I encourage all of you to think about the issues Major Khan and the others bring up –your thoughts and views are key to leading troops down range, and also are important to understanding the enemy and effective strategies to defeat them.  I also encourage to comment in this space with your thoughts, or directly to the SMJ blog, or both.

Is There an Islamic Way of War?
by Major Mehar Omar Khan

Download the full article: Is There an Islamic Way of War?

Times have surely changed since that noon of March 10, 1982, when President Ronald Reagan dedicated the March 22nd launch of the Columbia Space Shuttle to the valiant Afghans and termed their struggle (Jihad) against the occupation forces of Soviet Union as a representation of ‘man’s highest aspirations for freedom’. While I remorsefully recognize any nation’s right to change and chop morality in the service of supreme national interest, I refuse to respect those dishonest historians and scare-mongering ‘experts’ who consider it their right to drag a great faith and its messenger into this ugly fight over heaps of sands that hide a lot of oil.


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