The Leavenworth Way of War

History Discussion at CGSC

“Its the Economy Stupid!”

Maoist revolutionalry war theory puts the priority of effort on the political line of operations.  Our experience with our own domestic politics indicates that the key to successful politics is the economy.  Therefore… maybe:

COIN = Politics

Politics = Economy

.·. (therefore)

Economy = COIN

What do you think??


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  1. In my opinion, the economic line of operation is the most important. With out a stable economy, the is no way to pay for the other three. With out a stable economy, security forces cannot be hired to provide security. Without security, there is limited positive information to put distribute. If the information does not reach the population, the government will never gain credibility. This is why that with the correct policy Iraq was stabilized, but the coalition will struggle with in Afghanistan. Without a resourse to stand the government up on, the insurgents will likely stay better supplied than the Afghan government.

    Comment by MAJ Michael Roe | March 10, 2010

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