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  1. Tactically it is hard to argue with blitzkrieg and Amphibious Doctrine has stood the test of time and possibly when developed may have saved the US Marine Corps. As far as my Air Force is concerned I can’t imagine how much worse D-Day could have been for those who fought it unless I think of the Luftwaffe flying at full strength overhead on the 6th of June. The Navy did show an ability to be flexible in the development of their doctrine but going into the war theirs was the most flawed for what was proven in battle and needed quick changes doctrinally. I’m voting in the poll with my intial thought that Blitzkrieg was the most successful.

    Comment by Major Christopher "Kit" Johnson 17-D | February 1, 2010

  2. I would have to agree that Blitzkrieg was the most successful. Partially because we still use it today, we just call it “Shock and Awe”. Albeit a significant more amount of preping the battlefield is conduct today than the Germans could muster during WWII. The premise is the same however, and was used effectively by the Germans in WWII and by our Army during Desert Storm.

    Comment by Maj Walker | February 2, 2010

  3. Blitzkrieg is the answer! For sure naval aircraft carrier doctrine, developed by ADM Joseph Reeves, was pretty good stuff…and still remains hugely relevant today, but Blitzkrieg was a military revolution in that it successfully combined modern technology with maneuver and then tried to be joint. It provides the basis for how we try and fight conventional operations today.

    Comment by Maj S E A Cates British Army | February 14, 2010

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