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Who Noticed General Scales in our Classroom?

This month in Armed Forces Journal Major General Robert H. Scales wrtoe:

We have too few of these officers because the services tend to accelerate the careers of officers who, early in their careers, show talent at the tactical level of war. Battalion, squadron and ship commanders habitually reward subordinates who mirror themselves. These subordinates tend to be officers who get things done, the go-to, can-do types who make their mark with managerial brilliance. The irony of the system is that the requirement for competence shifts from the tactical to the strategic at just the time in their careers when tactical officers leave command to move on to higher levels of responsibility at the colonel and flag level. As a result, too often we see skillful tacticians thrust into strategic staff jobs they are ill-prepared to perform.

I’d like to know how come I didn’t notice him in the classroom during our discussion of Jomini?  Did someone tape the class and send it to him?  Maybe it was someone from last year’s class because he also hits on subjects from the article in Small Wars Journal and from my notes for next week’s class.  Regardless, it is also very interesting.

If you are interested in the complete article click here.

Comment below on any aspect of the article.


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