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What Counts in Foreign Policy

As I recently have been watching the release of CIA memos and who said what when briefed by the CIA, it underscores the point that the quality of the analysis and recommendations of regional and global foreign policy experts; the professionalism of generals; and the bravery of soldiers matter little in comparison to the ebb and flow of domestic politics. I illustrate this in my paper on the American experience occupying the former Confederate states after the American Civil War. The momentum of domestic politics, dominated by domestic economic and social issues, really are the main influence on the general thrust of American foreign policy. Domestic policy trumps national security most of the time –especially after the emotion of combat has past and the country is faced with the tough and thankless business of post-conflict operations. Soooo… that begs the question: what is the current direction of American domestic policy and how does that effect American foreign policy? Specifically, how does the current economic fiasco and other issues effect our military operations in Iraq and Afghansitan?

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