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Balancing Act



 The above slide was developed by MAJ Garth Johnston based on our discussion in Lsn. 7.


The above is an example of the graph with two different Arab countries plotted –one in green and the other in red. 

The Arab nations of the middle east have to balance a variety of influences in order to remain politically stable and to maintain some degree of popular support.

These factors pull in very different, often opposite, directions.   If a government misjudges balancing these factors it can lead to assination, coup, revolt, or revolution.

Stablizing and mitigating against the divergent influences are other factors.  These include the common antagonism against Israel, the unifying influence of Islam, and the unifying influences of Arabian language and culture.

Having identified these factors –how do they inform our understanding of events and history in the Middle East?  Is it purely an academic tool or does it have some practical value?

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