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Urban Insurgency Model

The basic elements of urban insurgency can be reduced to a model (see below).  This visualization of the dynamic elements of urban insurgency can help identify the elements in play in any given situation and the relative strength of those elements.  In the model the size object indicates the relative influence.

In the above model you have a relatively capable and important government institutions (police, fire, government etc. –dark blue) inside the urban environment (lighter blue).  There is a small but identifiable criminal element (black).  Also there exists a small but viable insurgency (orange) who are pursuing three lines of operations –political, guerrilla, and conventional military.  Their primary focus, at this particular time is military (outlined in blue).  The insurgency is supported by rural support areas (dark dark) as well as by nation states hostile to the city government (red).

In the below model, the insurgency is much more complex.  There are no friendly governmental institutions.  There are multiple insurgencies pursing different strategies.  A large non-state actor is supporting the insurgencies.  In addition, there is a large criminal element operating in the city.

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