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Goldwater-Nichols Act

The Goldwater-Nichols Act is likely the most dramatic legislated change in the operation of the U.S. military since the 1947 National Defense Act.  How significantly has it changed how the U.S. military operates?  Have post-Goldwater Nichols operations been far superior in planning and execution than previous?  Finally, what does it say about the U.S. military that major change had to be legislated?  Is that a good or bad thing?


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  1. Goldwater Nichols significantly changed the way the military operates. Without Goldwater Nichols I don’t think we would be where we are today in terms of “jointness” and as a result, probably be less prepared to combat the complex COIN environment that we are in today. In regards to whether the Goldwater Nichols forcing change within the military, I think it is true in all organizations that sometimes it is easier to see what needs to be changed from the outside, as from the inside of an organization, we are sometimes blinded by our “closeness” to the organization. A new “version” of Goldwater Nichols in regards to the interagency process may be required to force the issue of interagency commitment. Interagency cohesion in the complex COA of today is critical and to overcome obstacles that are in place a new version of Goldwater Nichols.

    Comment by Mark Leslie | September 17, 2008

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